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Thaiger Pharma Flumeston 5 mg 50 Tabletten – Halotestin


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Thaiger Pharma Flumeston 5 mg 50 Tabletten – Halotestin

Thaiger Pharma Flumeston 5 mg 50 Tabletten – Halotestin is a powerful and highly effective steroid that is designed to enhance performance and promote muscle growth. With its unique composition and potent properties, this product is a popular choice among bodybuilders and athletes looking to take their training to the next level.

Specific Details and Characteristics

  • Each tablet contains 5 mg of Halotestin, a synthetic derivative of testosterone.
  • Manufactured by Thaiger Pharma, a reputable pharmaceutical company known for producing high-quality products.
  • Comes in a pack of 50 tablets, providing a sufficient supply for your cycle.
  • Halotestin is known for its strong androgenic properties, making it ideal for increasing strength and power.
  • It has a high anabolic rating, which means it can promote significant muscle growth and enhance muscle density.
  • Flumeston is orally active, making it convenient and easy to use.


  • Increased strength and power: Halotestin is renowned for its ability to boost strength levels, allowing you to lift heavier weights and push through plateaus.
  • Enhanced muscle growth: This steroid promotes lean muscle mass development, resulting in a more defined and muscular physique.
  • Improved athletic performance: Flumeston can enhance endurance and stamina, enabling you to train harder and longer.
  • Reduced estrogenic effects: Unlike some other steroids, Halotestin does not convert to estrogen, minimizing the risk of water retention and gynecomastia.

Possible Side Effects

While Thaiger Pharma Flumeston 5 mg 50 Tabletten – Halotestin offers numerous benefits, it is important to be aware of potential side effects. These may include:

  • Liver toxicity: Halotestin is hepatotoxic, meaning it can strain the liver. It is crucial to follow recommended dosages and cycle lengths to minimize this risk.
  • Androgenic effects: Due to its strong androgenic properties, Halotestin may cause acne, oily skin, and increased facial or body hair growth.
  • Suppression of natural testosterone production: Like all steroids, Flumeston can suppress the body’s natural testosterone production. Post-cycle therapy is recommended to restore hormone levels.

Correct Usage, Dosage, and Course of Administration

For beginners:

  • Start with a low dosage of 10-20 mg per day.
  • Gradually increase the dosage over the course of 4-6 weeks.
  • Do not exceed a maximum dosage of 40 mg per day.

For advanced bodybuilders:

  • Begin with a dosage of 20-30 mg per day.
  • Increase the dosage to a maximum of 40-50 mg per day, if tolerated well.
  • Cycle length should not exceed 6-8 weeks.

Indications and Contraindications

Thaiger Pharma Flumeston 5 mg 50 Tabletten – Halotestin is indicated for individuals who are looking to enhance their athletic performance, increase strength, and promote muscle growth. However, it is important to note that this product is not suitable for everyone. It should not be used by:

  • Individuals under the age of 18.
  • Those with pre-existing medical conditions, such as liver or kidney problems.
  • Women, as it can cause virilization effects.

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Choose Thaiger Pharma Flumeston 5 mg 50 Tabletten – Halotestin from steroids-best.com and experience the benefits of this powerful steroid for yourself. Take your training to new heights and achieve your fitness goals with confidence.


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